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Doug's Internet-Trendy Journal Type thing!

Everyone ELSE has one, WHY NOT ME?

18 May
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Yea, I decided I wanna actually write a bio for LJ. I love doin' these things. It lets me to 2 of my favorite things:

A) Writing
B) Talking about myself.

Sprinkle on some border-line arrogance and a lot of sacarsm and we're pretty good. Actually, they pretty well describes me right there, but not quite well enough.

First and foremost I'm awesome. Completely and utterly awesome at just about everything I do. I don't so much mean that in an ARROGANT way as I do in a CONFIDENT way. I'm by no means the best at anything I do, but I do quite a few things VERY WELL and am more than satisfied with my work. Would I like to get better? Of course, but I'm awesome AS IS.

This is including, but not limited to:
-Winamp skins
-Trillian skins
-Desktop customization
-Generally "making things pretty"
-mIRC script
-Computer hardware
-Computer software
-Computers in general
-I'm also a pretty handy carpenter

As a person I'm pretty aight. My IRL me is pretty similiar to my online me, and I don't particularly try to hide much, and my over-willingness to talk let's out a lot of real life traits as is. I like to help people with problems...as long as they're not too whiney. I like to listen, I like to talk, oh...and I LOVE music.

I listen to all kinds of music...and by all kinds I don't mean "everything but country" and real mean pop top-40 and select NIRVANA songs from my rebellious teenager stage. I mean ALL MUSIC. If I DON'T listen to it, I listen to it until I can appreciate it. I'm a huge music buff. and anyone that shows disrepect to ANY genre in saying "that's not real music", be it hardcore rock or hip-hop/rap, THOROUGHLY pisses me off...but that's just me.

I think that pretty much sums it up.